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Port Antonio, located on the North East corner of the Caribbean Island of Jamaica, was made famous by Errol Flynn. He bought this private island, built his beautiful island hut and invited guests from his boat or seaplane parked in the harbor. He lost the island in one night of gambling.While much has been made of Flynn’s wicked, wicked ways, his passion for the sea was just as great. In fact, he often took the helm of his yacht Zaca, a 118-foot schooner, on transoceanic voyages.

Blue Lagoon

The world famous “bottomless Blue Lagoon” was once the home of Robin Moore, the writer of the French Connection, Green Beret and other stories. Swim in the Lagoon, or sun on a floating raft in the center of the Lagoon. The deep lagoon was once thought to be bottomless but divers have since determined it’s depth to be around 180 feet. The site was originally called The Blue Hole. However, after the success of the Brooke Shields film “The Blue Lagoon” which was filmed here, the site was re-named “The Blue Lagoon”.

Long Bay Beach

In recent years, Long Bay has become something of a destination for frugal travelers, especially backpackers. In winter we’ve sometimes met young backpackers experiencing Jamaica on the cheap. This beach was used as a setting for the cable movie Treasure Island. Offshore is a tiny islet, Pelew Island

Musgrave Market

Musgrave Market on West Street, between Port Antonio Square and Main Square. Port Antonio is not a shopping bazaar like the north and west coast. Most activity centers around Musgrave Market, on West Street, in the center of town. Musgrave Market is a real “off the beaten track” attraction in Port Antonio. Browse around the stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetables, crafts, clothes and cooked food.

Reach Falls

Reach Falls one of the most beautiful spots in all of Jamaica. Recognised as one of the most beautiful natural waterfalls of Jamaica, Reach Falls is a series of cascades that tumble over limestone tiers from one jade-coloured pool to the next. All that changed after the release of the film Cocktail. Tom Cruise and his film girlfriend indulged in some aquatic hanky-panky beneath these waterfalls.

Lunch at Boston Jerk Center/Other Location

Boston Jerk stand the birthplace of jerk pork and chicken, located right outside Great Hut’s entrance. Boston Beach is located east of Port Antonio as well as being a spectacular cove is the area that gave us Jerk Pork. Many Jamaicans still believe that this is the only place to get authentic Jerk. Spend the morning in the sun, then visit one of the nearby jerk pits for your lunch.

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